Account Services


Water Bills Are Due on the 10th of Every Month


New customers, or those adding additional services, will need to fill out a waiver and application. Please note that a valid I.D. is required when submitting your application. 

If you are setting up an account at a location where services already exist:

  • Submit Application
  • Pay Deposit
    • Residental - $125.00
    • Commercial - $150.00

If you are setting up new services:

  • Submit Application and Waiver
  • Pay for Tap
    • Water Tap - $700.00
    • Sewer Tap - $600.00
  • Pay Deposit
    • Residental $125.00
    • Commercial $150.00

For additional information please contact City Hall, we will be happy to assist you. 

Water Bill Snapshot

Water Bill Snapshot