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Christmas Dumpsters


Dear Citizens of Wink: 

Republic Services has determined that the City of Wink has an excessive number of dumpsters. To correct this situation, dumpsters have been removed or replaced as needed. We are asking citizens to be patient while this process is happening. Once the dumpster removal/exchange process is complete, we will reevaluate the situation to make sure everyone has reasonable accessibility to a dumpster. 

While the holiday season is upon us, we understand that with less dumpsters there is a potential problem. To alleviate some of these problems, Mayor Hawkins has authorized the city staff to place 4, 4-yard dumpsters behind City Hall. Please feel free to throw away all the cardboard, wrapping paper, etc. This is only temporary, after the Christmas break, they will be removed. 

*** These are not intended for household trash, furniture, metal, or wood***